Monday, August 27, 2012

Capturing the Light

Writing, for me, is an emotional task. I often have ideas for things I'd like to blog about. However, the only posts that come into fruition are the ones that burn me up inside, the ideas and feelings that I need to share or I know I will explode. Those posts are mostly generated by fear, by anger, by righteous pride. Those posts come on days when rockets fall and children die and I can barely see my computer screen through my tears.

I like to think of myself as a positive person. There is so much beauty, so much wonder and perfection in the world around me, but the negativity is what shocks me into writing more then anything else can. I'd like to find a way to capture the light of Israel in words.

It's not as easy to be passionate about a great day where the sun was shining and the bus came on time and I got to hold a little boy while his mother paid for his ticket. It's not easy to be passionate about the time I went to the zoo with my family, and we all got popsicles. Not easy to write enthusiastically about the beer festival in Jerusalem. But those are all things I want to tell the world about. I want everyone to know that in Israel, we don't sit here and sharpen our swords as we prepare for battle all day, we don't hide out in bomb shelters waiting to be attacked, we don't spend our days teaching children to throw rocks at the bad guys.

We live our lives here.We study in university, go to the army, try and make enough money to eat and live and play. We date, we break up, we eat ice cream and we try again. We get married, raise families, and send our children to gan. I'd like to write about that. I'm going to try.


  1. i feel the same way about my writing, good luck!

  2. I give you a blessing for success. It may not be easy to write about the light -- but if your passionate, light-filled paragraphs above are any indication, you have the words in you.

    Give them some time in the sun.