Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What Can YOU Do?

We can't all be soldiers, but that doesn't mean we can't all help out in some way - here's a list of things that YOU can do to make a difference right now.

(I'll keep updating - If you know of anything, send me an email at
Sign up to receive a soldiers name to pray for

Volunteer in the South with Lev Echad
Email or call 072-2507714 for more information.

Recycling for the South!
Instead of throwing away used bottles, donate the money to residents of the south. Contact Divora Sarafraz for more details and to drop off your bottles - 058-4666006

Donating clothes, food, and toys to citizens down south.
Jerusalem contact:
Tel Aviv contact:

Bring food for Shabbat to Ashkelon this Friday!
For more details, email
Send a Chayal pizza or donuts - little things go a long way when you're stationed out near Gaza.

LEVDAROM is organizing a great weekend for families with children in Hod Hasharon. It will start tomorrow till Sunday. They are looking for 5 more volunteers. You will sleep there, eat with them, entertain them and play with the kids. Message Nofar Sharabani on Facebook if you are willing to come and help out.

Organizing/connecting families from the South that need a place for Shabbat with hosts who live out of missile range. Email or call 02-999-0000

A call for people willing to do some agricultural work down south over the next couple of days before all the crops are lost. Please get in touch, as soon as possible with Hadas 0542696706. If a big enough group can do it they will provide a הסעה. In any case there will be food and a place to sleep for those who can stick around for a couple of days.

NU CAMPAIGN - Do you want to get ACTIVE for Israel?? We are launching a global t-shirt campaign in support for Israel, in light of the ongoing war, and are looking for people to get involved! For more details contact

DONATE In the Tel Aviv area: Collecting food, money, toys, shampoo - anything that you have to offer for families in Sderot, Ashdod and Ashkelon. For more information, contact Guilia at 0532221599

DONATE HERE Visit to donate - in the past few days they have been concentrating on bringing much needed winter necessities and toiletries to the troops. They also have a mobile cell phone charging station for the troops to charge their phones and be in touch with loved ones.

We can help support both businesses in Israel's south and boost the morale of the citizens taking the brunt of Hamas's missiles by ordering pizzas from local southern vendors to be delivered to families and soldiers in the region. The following pizza stores are willing to take your orders and deliver them to families.

Pizzerias in the sourth (feel free to look up your own online) -- most recently added pizzerias are at the top of the list:

1) Pizza Kopidon in Ofakim - 011-972-8-992-1114 (Shlomi)

2) Pizza shel Efrayim in Ashkelon - 011-972-8-684-2068 (Moran)

3) Pizza in Sderot - 011-972-8-661-2007

4) Pizza Roma in Ashdod - 011-972-8-866-7000

5) Pizza Netivot - 011-972-8-993-0145

"After one delivery earlier today, the owner of Pizza Roma in Ashdod called me back to say: He decided to deliver the pie to a family who he thought needed it -- the mother was a teacher in the school that was hit by a rocket. After he delivered the pizza and the family was so uplifted to know that someone in America had thought to order them pizza, he himself decided to send a pizza to a different random family. As the mishna in Avot says "מצוה גוררת מצוה" - 'one mitzvah leads to another.'

In order to gauge the impact and decide about adding vendors, please drop me a line about your orders just noting from which pizzeria an order was placed (

Feel free to pass this far and wide. The Jews may be dispersed, but we stand together.

With hope for a lasting quiet soon."

All you need to do is:

1) Call one of the vendors below and place an order (you'll need a calling card or a friend who has one) and say:

"I am calling from the United States and would like to order a pizza to be delivered to a family in the area as a sign that we are thinking of you. Can I place an order?"

"אני מתקשר מארצות הברית ורוצה להזמין פיצה למשפחה באזור שלך כסימן שאנחנו חושבים עליכם. האם אפשר להזמין?"

2) Tell them that people in American are standing with them

3) Provide your credit card information (credit card number מספר אשראי and expiration date (תוקף).

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