Monday, December 3, 2012

Too Long For a Facebook Status

The writers of Story of Today #1, Adventures in Rishon Letzion now present to you:

The Story of Today #2, Bring on Petach Tikva

After the success of my laptop adventures, I decided to go to Petach Tikva today to fix my phone. He's been breaking down slowly over the past couple months and making me crazy, so I decided it was time for change.

I got to the mall, met Shimon the Orange guy (Orange is my phone company, Shimon was a white guy) and he told me that because we're friends, he's going to tell me the truth - that it's not worth it to get my phone fixed because it's so much money. He said that I should go to the Orange service store just a ten minute walk away, see how much they would charge me, call him, and he would tell me what the best idea was for me. That sounded good so I took his number and left the mall. I had no idea where I was going, so I asked a police officer nearby.

Me: How do I get to Jabotinsky?
Him: What do you need?
Me: The Orange store.
Him: Why?
Me: phone is broken.
Him: What do you have, a Galaxy? What chara (translate for yourselves). I switched to iPhone three weeks ago. You should switch too. Let me see your phone. Yep, Chara....
Me: Cool. Umm.. how do I get to Jabotinsky?

So he tells me to walk straight until I see the Orange sign. Sounds straightforward enough. I walked straight for a while and finally came to the sign. There was an arrow that could've been pointing straight or to the right. I figured if the store was straight ahead he would've said "keep walking til you see the Orange store", so I made a right. Bad move. Always go straight. I ended up taking a super long and unnecessary walking tour of Petach Tiva - but I did find a kosher Cafe Cafe! Got some ice coffee, continued on my journey. Suddenly, out of nowhere, like a beacon of light, I saw another Orange sign. YES. I walked towards it, and then realized it was a little stand in the back of a big fix-it car garage. I went over there anyways and asked if she could help me - she said they only see people who make appointments. I thought it was kinda weird that this crazy ghetto Orange stand was the most formal of any Orange store I've ever seen, but I wasn't about to start asking questions. She told me how to get to where I needed to go, and I was off again.

Think it's over? We're just getting to the best part now.

I FINALLY get to the Orange store that I was supposed to go to. Which was, by the way, 30 seconds after the stupid sign. As soon as I walk in, an Israeli girl I’ve never seen before who works there came up to me.

Her: Are you Shev?
Me: Yes...
Her: Do you know (person who I know)???
Me: Yeah…
Her: I recognize you from Facebook!

Turns out I know her boyfriend. End of the story is I got to skip the line and she told me it was a crazy amount of money to send my phone in to get fixed and an even crazier amount to buy a new one. So I came home.

Got absolutely nothing accomplished today. Woohoo!

איזה מדינה…


  1. Sure you got something accomplished today - you found ice kaffee!

  2. So 2 questions: 1) I guess you didn't call Shimon back? and 2) What are you doing up at six in the morning? You're worse than me...