Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Oleh Mission

Is Zionism dead?
The question keeps repeating
In every conversation
It gets our pulses beating
Because we came here for a reason
Made Aliyah to stay
This is the Jewish homeland
No matter what the world might say.
At least that's the ideal
It's what I want to believe
But the fire is burning out
And there's so much left to achieve.
We let daily frustrations
Get in our way
Lose the beauty in the monotony
Of the day to day.
I've heard time and time again,
"I wish I was here in 48
To fight for my country
To help create this state."
This may not be a war
Where heroes will emerge
But Zionism needs a recharge
It's up to us to create the surge.
We are soldiers of the heart,
The warriors of blue and white
We have no guns, no grenades
It's with passion that we will fight.
This mission is important
We're not doing this alone
With us are the souls
Of those who never made it home.
Take a second, just a moment
And feel pride in this land
We have a Jewish country, a freedom
A place we can proudly stand.
It's a mantra, a message
Words that we can live by
As the walls of Tel Aviv
Scream Am Yisrael Chai
A Zionist graffiti
A mix of hope and despair
Remembering the heroes
Who used to live here.


  1. Hi Shev,
    I'm writing from the Spokesperson's Office in the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption in Jerusalem. We're creating a blog roll of interesting blogs written by Olim to Israel, on all different subjects, to help new Olim and those considering Aliyah to learn about life in Israel. We would like to list your blog, They Call Me SHEV, on this blog roll, which will be posted on the Ministry's social media and possibly our website.

    Please let me know if that would be acceptable to you.

    Ziva Shachar
    New Media Manager
    Spokesperson's Office
    Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption

  2. shev I am so proud of you. it is so important to be able to put your thoughts out for other people to read. most of us feel the same way, but we can't express ourselves as eloquently as you. keep us all informed about what is happening.

  3. Shalom Shev, We are watching the news daily and groaning inside and tears well up when we hear the bad news of the teenagers, Hadar Goldin and others. We protest inwardly and outwardly when Israel is maligned wrongly and we speak up for her wherever we can here . Such a beautiful poem...I will come back to your blog often...